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The large one as the sum of the small one.

The core statement of the INITIATIVE WORLD VIEW (philosophy) is that - the general attention of the entire creation, our world. And even in its smallest parts and therefore naturally also humans among themselves. Without walking around and beeing missionary we share the opinion that one has to find ways, to SHOW. One must give the possibilities to people noticing this whole world again consciously and gaining the insight, how wonderful it is and thus everything in it. It is necessary to shape this SHOWING actively and in a kind which stands out against the everyday life. A way of SHOWING, which is simply enough to awake attention, in order to bring people into a stage of consciousness for openminded watching and perseption.
Most of them can't do anymore.
The stream of everydays impressions is so large and so substantial - (media, advertisement, occupation, traffic...) - that one - thereby it doesn't matter which statement it carries - finds usually not even an access to it anymore.
This SHOWING must be on the one hand so intensively that it penetrates evenly the blockades, build up, on the other hand it may however not be importunate or instructing, since people block again and feel patronized. That would lead nowhere.
Only if realization is found by itselfe, lasting changes of behavior are possible.
A way of this SHOWING can be the way of small steps. Of small - DIFFERENT - impressions, which itself piece by piece connect to a genuine IMPRESSION with a genuine REALIZATION.
And it is important to argue never against something, but to convince always with own achievements and own offers.
Every different view enriches the whole one, means no attack and is not an enemy.
Everyone and each small piece of the world or creation have an equival meaning, are equivaly singular, are a part of an incredibly large whole one - with its own place and its own meaning within.
To that extent the gigantic size of the large one is not an indication of the insignificance of the small one. But - the opposite - a support, since the large one can only exist as the sum of the small ones.
And the individual life, the individual soul is induced in an individual beeing for a time, but at the same a component of the whole one, which is not bounded at time and space of our world.
Love, honour, attention and respect
are the basis of our ethics. It is our support, our way.

We invite you to participate in the initiative!
How and in whitch way you will read here soon.
Give us something time for building up the essential structures. All inquiries, thoughts, suggestions, ideas and intentions, as you could imagin a participation in the sense of the said above, are very welcome and will be read carefully.

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