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 Your questions!

Hello all around,
thanks for your interest and your registrations. And thanks for your further inquiries. The side will be filled with more information the next days. Many questions are already quite concrete, we will answer these soon.

First an explanation: The goal of the Intiative is it to support everything which is suitable to help humans recognizing the, in our eyes, great world.
"That is impossible!","That is much too big and unrealistic!", have statements been the last days around us. "How should that work?", is the question about it.

Now, please read what has been written
here before.
It requires small and smallest steps.

For example our
Youth-Media-Project has made great film projects. For several of the participants it became THE note for their further profession, perhaps even for theire life adjustment. For others it became an eyeopener that one can bring with willpower quite interesting things on the roll. Which will be also noticed and which do change the own position in society and the own viewpoint on it (and the world itself).

Primarily it will continue with which has already begun. And gradually we want to develop that. People of each age group sholud come out with their ideas and concepts and do not wait for miracles, but become active with us.

How exactly this will look, will show. In this matter we are very confident. It is not about fulfill each dream, then to express and concretize it, check it with reality and speak about it with others.

Probably there will acure similarties in the individual ideas similarities result. So that one can summarize - we remain at the example of the film projects - with a made film the one persons expressing strength in the language, the others in pictures, the third in the music and the fourth in its talent for organization.

It was important for us to begin and mark a point to start from:
Think about it, express yourselfs, come along!

One must begin, otherwise one will neither be able to experience success, nor failure.

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